Training Camp Complete

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Training Camp Complete

Post by Born2Run1963 » Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:23 pm

Hello NFL GM's,

Training Camp stage is complete and ready for import. We had full participation in this very important stage. Great work, everyone! Pre-season games start this week. Atlanta, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Jacksonville play in PS Week 1, while everyone else plays in PS Week 2. We will do these two PS game weeks back to back days on Saturday and Sunday. Recommend you export/import for both of these stages whether playing or not, just to be sure you're up to date with league files. Also, you must be down to 60 players at the start of the next stage, playing or not, so be sure to get your cuts in.

Note on injuries. We strive for realism in this league, which means our injury setting is higher than most other leagues. 225, to be exact. This is the level that the developer says is most realistic in relation to the NFL. On the other hand, we don't have 90 player rosters in Pre-Season, so protecting starters is a bit harder to do. For that reason, we'll be dialing injuries back to 75 for Pre-Season action but, be aware, they will still occur. Do your best to balance playing time to shake off the rust and protecting your stars!

Final note: You can no longer negotiate contracts during the regular season. Any renegotiation's with players (especially those in the final year of their contract that you wish to retain next season) must be done before the regular season begins. Players with 1-3 years of current experience will be RFA's, so you can wait on them if you wish. But any player with 4 years or more currently vested will be UFA should they go into the off-season without a contract.

Pre-Season Schedule:

Pre-Season Week 1 - Saturday, August 12th
Pre-Season Week 2 - Sunday, August 13th
Pre-Season Week 3 - Saturday, August 19th
Pre-Season Week 4 - Saturday, August 26th
Pre-Season Week 5 - Friday, September 1st


Roster limits are: 70 players in Training Camp, 60 players in Pre-Season, 53 players in Regular Season. There are also positional requirements to be aware of. Information on that is available in game.

Thanks All!

Kevin Oaks
Sim Sports Global
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