FBCB/SSGCBB Setup (How-To)

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FBCB/SSGCBB Setup (How-To)

Post by Mike Lowe » Sat Nov 21, 2015 11:13 am

I. How do I get the league file up and running?
  • 1. Download the zip file from the main website. (Click here)

    2. Extract the files within that zip to: C:\Users\Public\Documents\GDS\Fast Break College Basketball 2010\leaguedata\SSG College Basketball
    Note: You may need to create the SSG College Basketball directory first

    3. Open up FBCB and load the league.

    4. Enter your team name and password that you sent in your application.

    5. Make your changes like you would in a solo league, and get your team/file ready for the next advance!
II. How do I export and upload my team's file for the next advance?
  • 1. From within FBCB, click on the 'Setup' button from the left-hand side menu. From there, click on 'Export team file to FTP'.
    Note: You can also export (and import) locally, but exporting this way does not connect with the server--think of it as creating a backup for yourself locally (similar to saving)

    2. If you'd like to ensure your file uploaded, you can check the 'Last Export' section of the coaches page here. You should see your team file listed. If not, try refreshing (it can sometimes take 10 minutes to actually show up). If you still don't see it, there must have been an error, so try these steps again, and go slow to read any such error reports that may appear.
III. How do I get the real logos to appear in my game?
  • 1. Download the images.zip file here.

    2. Extract the contents of the images.zip file to this directory: C:\Users\Public\Documents\GDS\Fast Break College Basketball 2010\leaguedata\SSG College Basketball\html\images

    3. You may have to restart FBCB for the images to appear.

    4. If the images still aren't showing up, try copying the images to this location too: C:\Program Files (x86)\GDS\Fast Break College Basketball 2010\images\logos


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